Our Ales

​We are proud to serve Everards ales.

Beacon Hill | ABV 3.8%

A wonderfully moreish ale brewed with British
hops and premium Maris Otter malt.
Named after the Leicestershire landmark Beacon
Hill which boasts panoramic views across the
county, Beacon Hill is the perfect pint to savour
for any occasion. Enjoy with lunch or whilst
enjoying a day out cycling like our Leicestershire

Tiger | ABV 4.2%

A local favourite, Tiger is a perfectly balanced ale
with carefully selected British hops and premium
Maris Otter malt. The Tiger is synonymous with
Leicestershire after the Royal Leicestershire
Regiment were nicknamed ‘The Tigers’ in 1825
following long service in India. It’s also the name of
our local rugby club, the Leicester Tigers. This is
their Official Beer as it is for many local teams and
that’s why our Tiger is roaring!

Golden Hop | ABV 3.5%

As you will have seen recently, we’re doing lots of innovation in the beer category
to meet the changing needs of customers. Two of the key market trends we’ve
explored are the popularity of golden ales and the desire for a lower strength but
still flavoursome beer which suits many drinkers and occasions.
To cater for these customers and occasions we’re delighted to make ‘Golden
Hop’ available to you all year round. With 44% of drinkers seeking a golden ale
style and 40% wanting a lower strength beer when drinking during the day or early
doors (Source: On Trade Report 2018) means that Golden Hop is the perfect
offering for your customers.
Our highly flavoursome golden ale has a bold hop flavour. Brewed with four
varieties of hops, you’ll find a fresh zesty lemon aroma with a refreshing grapefruit
flavour and bitter finish.